I got the idea of building 7 corners, and using similar techniques what I have used within my wooden jewelries. My idea is that one could build home alone, without a lot of knowledge needed about structures, poles etc. This would be like a puzzle made from wooden logs, pre cut the endings, that you just place on foundation, then add roof, cover it with Polyethylene sheets, and cover it with ground. Hexagon shape with 120′ angles would be strongest, that is what nature use, bees, etc. but this design is 128′, and it would support the weight of the earth coming up with pressing each side together. No poles needed.

This is the ideal idea for using traditional Finnish log cabin building style, pre made parts with help of modern technology.

The plan is that it would be easy to move the materials within trailer etc., and no huge trucks would needed for transporting the materials for homes.

This kind of homes could be sale to people as ready made, with very cheap.

  1. Dig a hole
  2. Layer of stones
  3. Layer of sand
  4. Few base tiles
  5. Polyethylene
  6. Structure
  7. Roof
  8. Wrapped with polyethylene
  9. Covered with earth


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