I own land in Southern Finland where I am building and doing the research of underground housing and building sustainable cheap eco houses for homeless artists and for those who can’t get bank loans.

If you have lost your will to live, like me, and can’t find anything wiser to do than dig a home for yourself, feel free to come help me building and let’s build homes for us all; let us make a underground community. I have an vision of a place where to make arts, each supporting each together, but with own peace & solitude. Then let’s make arts, take all the money with the help from the arts, and use that money for building more homes for the free minded seekers and for the brave people, who want to explore the life. I believe it is our life mission here; to try and create new stuff and ideas. Not to listen and obey the rules that are based on greedy bullshit based on money politics.

Everybody is welcome to build home of their own, as there are room. Or if you need place for your caravan/trailer and want to join in, that’s cool too! – Electricity, water well and sauna are already set up in the property.

Shoutout for hippie girls: I am single, 31 yo, looking for hippie girlfriend who see my lifestyle interesting. It is very hard to find hippie girls nowadays, especially to build underground homes… :/ Most seem to want money, fame, luxury, or basic family-style.. I have seen the fame and money lifestyle and it didn’t make me happy. I kind a toss it all away like a Buddha, but went a bit far to be poor. Now building some of it back. I found keys to the true happiness though. You can contact me if you share dream of living in nature and doing arts, and want to go out for a date. If your dream is to find someone to build or start some sort of community with, commune or something, we should at least meet! I have my own vision, and we can never know, if we need others to fullfill our visions. 🙂

In anycases; if you are interested or need place to be, send email. There are no rules, these are just wishes on internet.

#420 Friendly Environment – 100% Freedom – We have to fight for our rights to be within nature in these common days. Regulations are not respecting nature anymore, even they say so! But what can they do? Put us in the jail for respecting nature 100%? Especially during this time of The Climate Change? Because of The Climate Change, we have to do things and forget the non working laws and regulations to save the planet earth. They let us know about the threat, so now we have rights to save the planet earth by building sustainable cheap houses without bank loans. And without no building codes added, we just dig and build. 😉